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On writing a memoir……Who will care?

Writing away on my own memoir, I have stopped to ask myself what perhaps others like me have asked themselves along the way:  “Who will care if I do this… it enough that only I care?”   And yes, it is enough that I care…because I am learning so much about myself by doing it.  However, when I read the following words by Peter Hawkins as he introduces a chapter of “Telling Secrets” by Frederick Buechner, well-known author and writer of several memoirs, I was so inspired I knew I HAD to keep writing!  Perhaps anyone else out there who may have asked him/herself the same question will find the reason to carry on.

In Peter Hawkins’ introductory notes in “Listening for God” (Vol. I), Peter says of Buechner that he tells his story so readers might recognize in it something of their own.  He writes: “Buechner tells us that our lives are themselves sacred narratives, dramas, histories.  Much of the past may be as painful as a father’s suicide, a mother’s withdrawal, a child’s illness.  But through the redeeming powers of memory, ‘even the saddest things can become, once we have made peace with them, a source of wisdom and strength for the journey that still lies ahead.”

Peter continues with, “Buechner wants his readers to discover that all moments are key, that life itself is grounded in the mystery of God and shot through with divine grace.  Each person’s life story, therefore, is a scripture waiting to be read and interpreted, a sacred text capable of revealing nothing less than divine truth.  All that is needed are eyes that see, ears that hear.

I cannot forget those words and give thanks for the renewed energy and purpose they have given me.  I hope anyone pondering writing their own life story might find these words or something as meaningful to spur them onward.  Let’s keep writing!     Sunshine