Peaceful Coexistence in the Back Yard

TJune 27, 2015 Transfer 008he frisky little squirrel scurried up the large Elm tree right next to our back deck. Just inside the deck railing is a bird bath, filled with clean water that I freshen each day.  Frisky is very much interested in a drink this morning, but at the moment a family of four mourning doves are standing guard–claiming the bird bath as theirs.

I watch to see what will happen, wondering why Frisky doesn’t just go to the other water bowl I set out on a small table about six feet away. Maybe he likes the idea of challenging the doves, has something to prove?  Or maybe Frisky realizes the mourning doves are onto something good….they know quality when they see it….and therefore, THIS is the best place to get a drink!

I had read up on mourning doves….was surprised to see squirrels listed as one of their predators.  Today the doves are chasing Frisky away over and over….but he will have none of it..and keeps coming back…peering up over the edge…trying different angles of approach….and, lo and behold, he finally stretches his long, elastic body full length from railing to bird bath…and gets his drink.  The doves don’t move over even an inch for him….but watch him with what doesn’t seem like fear to me, or apprehension….but rather exasperation…like the obnoxious kid who has barged his way into your perfectly good kickball game.June 27, 2015 Transfer 012

But today Frisky and the mourning doves showed me it can be done.  They could show us how we humans could perhaps peacefully coexist…even with some we consider predators……Maybe we could all just get along….agree to disagree…and celebrate the gift of our lives wherever we are and with whom….We could even all share the same clean water, being careful not to pollute it for others who need it too, or those who will come after.     Here’s to Peaceful Coexistence!  June 27, 2015 Transfer 008